An Open Letter On Anti-Asian Racism & Christian Nationalism


The list in the lefthand menu summarizes the anti-Chinese and anti-Asian rhetoric of just a few major Christian nationalist politicians in America. Since Donald Trump’s anti-Chinese bigotry is well-known, and since he is not a regular churchgoer, we do not focus on him (though we condemn his racism, unmitigated by his attempts at public relations). Insofar as all the following politicians identify as Christian, this list also describes the congregations or denominations to which these politicians belong. In the absence of forceful rebuke, the prejudice they exhibit not only catalyzes hate crimes, but also further tarnishes the reputation of the Christian faith.

Since publishing this letter, I've compiled more information on the politicians listed below, as well as on other persons whose anti-Asian racism was not apparent to me until after publishing: Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Madison Cawthorn, Tucker Carlson, and more. You can find this new information by clicking on "Post-Publication Additions." Beneath some of the politicians, I have also included post-publication evidence of further racism or dishonesty.