An Open Letter On Anti-Asian Racism & Christian Nationalism


Articles About Against Christian Xenophobia

"Lamenting Sanctified Sinophobia, Demanding Transformation." Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity, 12.24.20

"'God Bless Mr. Truman': Christian Nationalism's Impact on Anti-Asian Hate." Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity, 01.07.21

"I'm A Chinese School Dropout. That's Why I Stand Against Christian Nationalism." Asian American Christian Collaborative, 01.07.21

"'Sanctified Sinophobia' and the Role of Christian Nationalism in Anti-Asian Racism." Interview for Anxious Bench blog, 01.11.21

"Cross, Fire: How My Uncle's Hong Kong Film Collection Fueled My Resistance to Christian Nationalism." Inheritance Magazine, 1.13.21

"Possessed by Legion: Anti-Asian Hate and Christian Nationalism." Faithfully Magazine, 1.29.21

"Reactions to Biden's Korean-American Secret Service Agent Expose Christian Nationalism's Anti-Asian Side." Religion Dispatches, 2.1.21

"Asian Americans, Christian Nationalism, And COVID-19 Discrimination." Relevant Magazine, 3.19.21

"How Did The Atlanta Spa Shooter Get To That Point?" Christian Century, 3.25.21

Useful Links

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Barmen Declaration of 1934, co-written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Inheritance Magazine

Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity

Institute for Christian Socialism

"Letter From A Birmingham Jail," by Martin Luther King Jr.

Stop AAPI Hate

Taking America Back For God: Christian Nationalism in the United States, by Samuel Perry and Andrew Whitehead

White Evangelical Racism, by Anthea Butler